John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

Your last note is at hand and the following are the Nos of Warrants left by Mr Walker with Barrows Millard & Co and by them returned to me unsold; 73,687— 78,429— 67,894— 69,472— & 77,448— five in all. Those left by him with Miller have not the numbers of, but there were six of them. Thad left 160s wtih me personally.

You ask, how have I accounted for the above eleven Warrants? Three I accounted for in cash, three were sent in that last lot of 15 Wts and five were left open for settlement there being a discrepancy as to number sent in first package 101 or 106, I informed Thad I was willing to account to him, for those five and had already sent a majority of the funds to you for that purpose.

In your letter of the 25 Nov. you ask if 82,833 is not intended for 82,882. As to that I cannot say. 82,883 is put down in my book as one of your warrants and as having been received from you by Express

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I may have been mistaken in the number in transferring to any book or you may be mis—taken in the same. A Warrant sent me by you was put down in my book as 82.883, still the number of it might have been 82 882.

I do no fully understand, the last mentioned letter, inasmuch as you claim that I have accounted for only 98 Warrants, out of 199!!! Your language is "What has become of the other 101?" Can there be any doubt that you sent them to Kansas last Aug. as you wrote me at the time, you had sent 101 of my Warrants to Kansas, keeping back the other 40 to sell? "Does Thad pretend that I did not send a package on the 23d day of August marked "Land Warrants value $10,160" and which package I wrote him contained 101 Wts. I also wrote you on the 14th Sept as follows, "I did send 101 Wts to Walker which I suppose he has received, altho I have not been notified by him." The first notification I had of their receipt, was thro'[sic] you and which was that he had received

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16,960 acres of Wts. I supposed the question then was, only, as to the 5 extra, which Thad wrote you he had received and that was a matter of gentlemanly investigation and never dreamed, until I read the above, that there was a dispute as to whether I sent any to him. Consequently I say, I do not un—derstand what is the cause of dispute between you and Thad.

I have accounted to you as per Statement of all Warrants. I am responsible to you for 199—160 acre Wts and to Thad for 11—160 acre Wts and instend to deal fairly honestly and in a friendly spirit towards you both. I would not knowingly cheat either of you out of one sent, and believe you would not me. A business like this, where we are dealing in a friendly way and relying upon the undoubted honor and honesty of both and eath other, is more liable to mistakes, especially where it has been pro—longed the length of the time and has involved so large an amount of means forwarded in different sums as this has, than other business matters. If I had been disposed to defraud either of you it would have been no hard task

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as you can readily see. On the contrary I de—voted my time and attention to it, leaving town and my business at the most important time, during the land sale, loosing[sic] to my certain knowledge business that I could have had at the Land Office, if at home and my office open. Really, John, $67 is no pay, what—ever, it is nothing, literally nothing for the services I have rendered you. You could not emply an Angent in the Territory to do the business (I mean a responsible Agt) at one cent less than $500#. But I wish only a fair compensation and think you should not ask me to take less than $200, with wich sum I will be satisfied and consider myself renumerated. Still I will settle with you, so that all will be satisfactory.

Trusting to hear from you soon & with regards to all I remain Yours truly

John McConihe