John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries


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Friend John

Yours of the 22d inst is at hand and my last letter fully shows you that I shall have no trouble whatever with Thad. On looking into your letter, I conclude Thad, has attempted to involve you unnecessarily in an uncalled for difficulty. A matter in which you were in no way concerned, and after what you have done for Thad, it seems to me shows damn mean—ness. If I had not told him already I would settle, as he un—derstood the matter, I would wait until he concluded to act de—cent. But Thad is impulsive and don't[sic] always act from judge—ment. of Thad suppose I can be driven and considers it manly

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to involve a friend in a matter that he is not concerned in, then, I think Thad has become crazed. But I trust He will apologize to you for his hasty action. He had no occasion and it was uncalled for, to take to you as you say he did about me. Our matters were entirely unad—justed then, and why black guard me before I had committed any supposed wrong? His actions as reported by you, has been any—thing but gentlemanly or busi—ness like. To accuse you of leaguing with me to cheat him is the phantasy[sic] of an excited brain and is giving us wonderful credit for honesty. But then he must come down from his high stand, just as he hurried from the roof when he would rob the Dutchman of his Grape. If he attempts to steal grapes from you, in this matter he will find one McConihe laying

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by throwing stones. I am indeed astonished at the head—long course pursued by Walker. He has neither said or hinted any—thing to me, nor made any in—timation, that I was not ac—ting in a proper and business like manner. If he should I would open on him and tell him what I think. But as all my information comes through you, of course I with—hold my pent up anger. Why don't[sic] he complain to me? Why did not he write me, that he had received 101 Warrants? I think you did perfectly right in telling me that Thad wrote he had re—ceived 106 W, and unless he be—haves himself, I shall think he did receive that number

Hoping Walker will soon come to his senses I remain

Yours Truly

John McConihe