John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

Yours of the 5th came duly and I have been looking for an other[sic] letter from you daily.

There will be no trouble between myself and Thad and there is no occasion of his charg—ing. I am obliged to you for your conduct and trust Thad will be fully satisfied that I had no intention whatever of defrauding him. He never ac—knowledged the receipt of the Warrants by numbers nor did he say how many were in the package. I intended to send him 101 Warrants but when you informed me he wrote you that 106 had been received, I supposed I had made some mistake, Several Warrants were sold without numbers being re—

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returned me and I put down the price col received without specifying the exact number. I could not tell myself whether 101 or 106 had been sent from my books, but supposed I had sent 101. If he said he re—ceived 106, of course I would, not knowing the contrary, take his word. I informed him I would account to him as having sent 101 Warrants in package. I did not con—sider the matter as closed but was waiting for more light on the subject. At all events it is certainly a matter in which you are not concerned and is between Thad & myself.

I have plenty of money in safe to square all up and shall do so when I hear from Thad. Some eight Warrants that I sold still remain unpaid for, but I expected you would get tired of the delay

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being tired myself and am glad to be able to settle all up.

I have asked Thad where to send his money and expect to hear this week. Will send to you unless I hear.

I see Mose is elected. Good for him! Give him my con—gratulations and say I wish I could have been in Troy to have given him my vote. Condole with Ross and tell him not to give up, but try again. "Wait ("only") till Spring time comes."

Our Legislature meets on the 4th Prox, and will adjourn about the 14th Jan'y, after which if at all, I shall visit you. I am quite anxious once again to see you. Sometimes I think I would return if I could do as well there as here. Comforts of life are few out here

With respect to all I am Yours truly

John McConihe