John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries


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Dear John

Enclosed I send you a comlete statement of all Warrants sent to me up to date. It shows everything from the beginning. I have made no charge for service and would like to have an ex—pression from you on that subject. It has taken much time and caused me no little trouble. You will please make some sug—gestions. You will also, when you have fully looked over the account, send me a receipt for the return of Warrants and funds for Warrants. The item "Oct 24 Sent you Gold $787.64" is to balance the account. On said item I enclose you a draft of S. F. Nuckolls on Woodruff and Co Nto 40 Broad St N.Y. for $100# Will send you more by Express. I wish you would answer immediately relative to service. I hope to be able to visit Troy this winter, and I am over anxious to have a talk with you. If I do come home it will be in February after the Legislature adjourns. Money matters

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still continue very tight. The fall has been beautiful thus far and I am in hopes the winter will be open.

Regards to all Yours

John McConihe