John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries


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Dear John

I have this day sent G.G. Wal—ker, as directed by you all Warrants on hand being 15=160 acre Wts numbered 52,811 — 79,703 — 80,161 — 69,472 — 73,657 — 63,729 — 78 ,429 — 83,740 — 84,058 — 80,371 — 82,896 — 68,672 — 82,399 — 82,467 — 83,181 — Also Warrant 44,826 for 80 acres— There is an 120 & 80 acre Wt. at Neb. City yet wich I am in hopes soon to have returned— Two 160 have been sold @ $148= on ten days time and the balance of Wts I hope to account for in five days. The funds are at Neb. City are safe, but it is very hard to get at them. I hope you have received the $1200# sent by last Express. As to those Warrants sent to Thad at Leavenworth you need not have anything to do with

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them. I will account to you for all War—rants received and also to Thad. I would never have advised this warrant specu—lation, altho it may have (and probably has) come out all right as to you. But the responsibility is a great one, and the risk of carrying them about, is as great as the carrying of Gold. I have felt very uneasy all the time, lest some accident should happen to the Warrants, and that I should be held personally respnsible for the loss of them.

Will write you more fully soon, sending final statement & e.

Yours truly

John MacConihe