John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

Your letters of the 9th & 10th are at hand and contents noted.

I am of the impression that Mr Walker, will have a Herculean task, to sell the Warrants, that I send him by Express to day[sic]. Received a letter from him on Saturday, which I enclose. I judge from that, that Warrants are dull in Kansas. They are certainly dull here, and in fact have been so all the time. The market has been glutted and dealers seem determined to sell, at most any price. A Dealer at Nebraska City now offers 160s at $150 and they seem to pay little attention to N.Y. prices. I shall send Thad's brother 101 of the 140 and try to sell the balance. I have Warrants to day[sic] in every district with instructions to sell, if need be, as

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low as $148. I would send all of the 141 to Mr Walker, that remain unsold, but part of them are at Neb. City.

I would send you an a/c of Warrants sold, but they are so scat—tered about and funds are sent me without the members that it is im—possible untill[sic] the whole matter is closed.

I fear from the tone of a letter just received from Neb. City, that the six 160s left by Mr Walker with a Mr Miller at said City, have been wrong—fully converted by said Miller for his own use. The letter says Mr Miller is absent, otherwise I would go down. Even if they have been so used, I have strong hopes of bringing Mr Miller to an a/c and have written down to be informed of his return and to ascer—tain definitely if each is the state of the case. Walker left them with Miller when coming up to Omaha and when I

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was at Neb. City I made inquiry about Mr Miller, and felt satisfied that he was an honorable man. Still my information might have not been reliable.

Do you wish all Warrants not sold, to be returned to you by the 10th Sept. I did not fully know, whether you intended me to do so or not.

My health is good and my spirts excellent, barring the longing I have to visit Troy.

Our lots are all secured, after a fight on that one I traded for. There has been an awful time here about titles and some have been swindled out of their lots.

I have also obtained the deed for Smiths lots, and it is in the recorders office

Regards to Martin L & family to "Mosi," "Tim," "Rufua" & e.

Yours truly

John McConihe