John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

I have just rec'd yours of the 15st and had I had such instructions sooner could have made more sales. Mr Walker seemed very confident of Warrants soon selling @ $1 per acre and thought it best to be quite firm and hold on @ from 95 to $1#. When I was at Neb City and Brownville I had no authority from you or Walker to sell @ less than .95 and Dealers

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were selling there a fr. 90 to 92.

I understand Warrants are now selling at Neb. City & B.ville @ $155 and as the sales progress, the demand will increase. I shall go down in the next boat & conclude for myself. Keep what I think I can sell and return balance to you.

I have written you often since my return from the West and shall continue so to do. I am doing the same and all for you, that I could do for myself, ex—cept that I should have sold lower had I the au—thority and right. Your letter authorizing me to sell

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as low as 90 came in my absence. I feel satisfied you will loose[sic] nothing by this speculation and if you make nothing, I will charge you nothing for service. If you make a good thing, I shall rely upon yourself for my pay, and be satisfied. It is an immense exertion to sell such a large amount of Warrants, as I have on hand in these hard times, and I still hold to the opinion that many of them will be re—turned by me

Respectfully Yours

J. McConihe

P.S. You must remember that money is very scarce here & no speculations at sales.