John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries


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Enclosed please find draft No 6544 for $50# drawn by Charlie A Derickson of Meadville, Pa, on Metropolitan Bank N.Y. to order of James E Wilson. I enclosed in same bag of Gold left in Express Office yes—terday $250 making in all $1850#.

Of the$250 Gold
and the50— draft
please hand Walker271.60
and balance of $28.40

place to Land Warrant a/c. Sold for Warker 80 acre Wts No 34.578 & 43.480a $1—— also

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120 Wt. No 80.707 @ 93—$111.60
80s @ $1—160.00

The demand for 80s & 120s is greater than for 160s. Will remit you as fast as I sell. Have sent Wts up to Dakota and hope to hear from them in a few days.

Yours truly

John McConihe