John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

Yours of the 19th ult. is at hand and you must have ere this received my letter acknowl—edging the receipt of the Land Warrants, all right.

I have not sold any of them as yet, but expect I will from this time forward. Should there happen to be a scarcity of the Article, just before the sales, I shall get a good price. They have been plenty here up to date. I shall attend all the land sales, if there is any chance of making good sales. Such chances I will happen in a day and be governed by the supply, consequently cannot say there is a certainty of doing well with the Warrants now in your possession. If

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you do not intend selling those you have, perhaps you would be willing to take the chances[sic] and send them to me. If you do of course I will try my best to make it profitable. The thing is a Milestone, through which you can optically prospect with me.

I can loan the Warrants for Mr Thompson on substantial improved lands at the usual rates vis $280, but if he instructs to loan for less, I can probably loan to better advantage. Why few of the loans heretofore made, have been paid at maturity, but the parties have the land;

The titles to City lots will be settled at the Land Sales for good or evil. I intend to get ours anyway. We had a meeting last Saturday and honest men voted for a certain course and lot jumpers for an other[sic] one

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that would enable them to steal. Honest men carried the day, but lot—stealers say they will bid at sales, even at Revolvers mouth. Can't tell now how the thing will come out. But I being here and a resident will secure ours any—way. The great drive is against non—residents.

Gov. Black is here only a part of the time, as he resides and his family is at Nebraska City, and I act the Governor. Appoint Commissioners of Deeds, Notaries Public, Col's, Capt's and Corporals of Nebraksa Militia, write and correpsond with Gorvernors and heads of Depart—ment at Washington & e & e.

Andrews was here yes—terday, and is as hopeful as ever. Think everything will come out all right.

Yours truly

J MacConihe