John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

The $1000 have arrived all right. I shall try and give it a good circulation and pay it out in small quantities. Have marked it all on the back with a stamp.

Sent you the note a day or two since.

What do yo say about trading your interest in Office and lot, for mine in the Bluffs and how will you trade. Prop—erty here has depreciated as much as at the Bluffs. I have

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heretofore given my reasons. The main object, as I have stated, is the one is improved property the other not. I will give you a good trade and you can hold that Bluff property better than myself. Make me a proposition and if we can agree, I will put the Mortgage on the Omaha property. The buildings on the Omaha property have cost near $1500. and the lot would not bring over $600. Sixty six feet West of the office in the same block, 44 ft sold last week for $1000. Building can be done cheaper now, than when we built.

I should like to trade or change in some way, provided

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you can feel satisfied so to do. I shall write father in a day or two

Yours truly

J MacConihe

P.S. I shall be very careful with that money and shall not loan it, unless it is sure pay, Shall keep it in the safe, sooner than take chance, I shall pay interest and return principal. Still I think I shall make something by its use, enought to pay me.