John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

Yours of the 28th came by last mail and I am much pleased with your efforts to accommodate me. When I first wrote you for the money, I wished to buy corn, thinking the Gold Emigration would greatly enhance its value. It was then selling for 20 cts. It is now 45 and will soon be 75 cts per buschell. It would have been a grand speculation. I think I can still use $1000 to advantage in various ways, and keep the same under my immediate control. I think I have had enough experience and knew just what can be done with money out here. Now I will immediately send to the Bluffs for a search of that property (and in fact we should have done so before) make out a mortgage, have the same recorded and forward as soon as possible.

I expect to make some money

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this year. I expect to get the Private Secretaryship under our new Gov, with the $60 per month. I expect also to collect some monies due me. If I get the private Secretaryship, I intend to hold on to it, while the Gov. keeps his office, and it requires no time or attention, except while the Legis—lature is in session. Thus you see, if I succeed, I shall be certain of a living.

The Land Sales, as you may have seen, come off in August and there may be a chance to make something then, altho, this emigration to the Gold mines, will, temporarily affect this branch and to what an extent, it is most too soon to tell. The rush to the mines is great and you can have no idea of it. At the sale they are moving now at least 100 000 will be in the mines by fall. Omaha gets a large emigration, overland, but they buy outfits, mostly, at the Bluffs and East of that. Still she gets a small quota com—pared with Leavenworth & St. Joseph.

If I see any safe way, by which

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I can use that other $1000, I will do as you direct and inform you. You may depend upon receiving back your money with interest and that I shall use it with discretion and incur no loss and tie none of it up in real Estate. It will take 7 or 8 days to obtain search and have Mortgage recorded.

I should like very much to have an old fashioned talk with you, and I feel very much like making a short visit home this summer. I may drop down on you before fall, if I think I can afford it and get away

Yours truly

J. MacConihe