John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries


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Friend John

Enclosed please find account for 1858. You will see by some that there is a deficit of $145.80.

I see by receipts in my hands that item, "Taxes on C.B. lots $16.50" was divided by us last Feb. while the item "Taxes on Omaha Lots $18.35" never was, as Mr Finch paid the last named and kept receipt until my arrival. I ascer—tained this, while looking over Vouchers. It makes $1.95 difference only, which I have charged in this years account.

I have paid taxes on Omaha property for 1858 and charged it in a/c of 1859, as follows $27.61#, and will to—morrow[sic] pay taxes on C. Bluff lots, which

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will make a deficit of over $200#.

Our winter has been grand, and to—day[sic] we have no fires and wear no overcoats.

A large party came to the Bluffs night before last from Wisconsin en route for the mines. They brought with them a billiard table, which they will take there.

There will be gay—times out there next summer, no law but the knife & pistol.

Regards to all Yours

J MacConihe