John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries


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Friend John

Please send the within $5— Note on the Reciprocity Bank to the Receiver and ask him to remit me proceeds by mail. I do not know his name or would send to him direct.

"Merry Christmas"

The draft for the 40 acre Warrant came duly. Also yours announcing the safe arrival of the 160 acre Warrant. Relative to your sending me some money my former letters have answered it. Send as soon as you can.

S. W. Black one of the Asso. Justices of the Territory will be our next Governor. He requested me to act as his Private Secretary. I could not refuse. There were so many applicants he concluded to make no change. I shall thus get $50 per month, to help pay expenses.

The gold excitement increases If you see Abe Olin request him to vote against annexing any part

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of Nebraska to Kansas. It will set us back, North of the Platte River, full ten years. It will be an outrage upon the North Platte settlers.

Mr Finch has not returned and will not until Spring. Thus we will get no rent. I cannot rent it to anybody else.

My regards to my friends Yours

J. Mac Conihe