John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries


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Friend John

I drop you this line simply to say, that if you can send me any money, that I can certainly repay and make a good thing out of it before, it is due. I have now an offer to go into a Corn—speculation, with a gentleman, who has a government contract to deliver any amount of Corn at Fort Kearney between now and the 1st of March. We are to get a certain price there for it and we know what it will cost to buy and deliver it. I told him I would go in and that I thought I could get the money within 30 days. There are to be three of us in it, the Secretary of the Territory, myself, and the contractor. The only reason why the contracter dont[sic] take the whole thing, is because he has not money enough. I will make it

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an object for you, to use your influence in sending me money and will pay you well! I dont want to make all and will pay you satisfactorily for good service $2000, would be acceptable and I will give any security you desire. Money is scarce here, but there are beter chances in consequence, than I have ever seen before. This Gold excitement will make Omaha, and this will bring us out, sooner than I anticipated. We expect a great emigration to the mines in the spring and reports are all good. If mining is profitable next year this will be the great point.

If the report is true that Judge Black is appointed governor, I hope still to be the Private Secretary. But can—not say for certain. Everything here and everybody look and feel better than for a year. The Gold mines has inspired hope, if nothing more.

Yours Truly