John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

I may or may not get a chance to sell that L. Warrant at about, 80 as they are very dull here now.

Shall I return it to you by mail or retain it and take chances of a sale?

You will recollect that the watch and rifle were turned in at our settlement for $80 to me and afterwards you took back your 1/2 interest in them. I think it is better to clean out these things and either "you take or give." They are not such property as either of us want, still I hope to trade them off for something. The question

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is can I trade in any way to benefit you. If I trade it will be for some other property. Now I propose to offer you for your interest in them, my half of one lot in Howards Addition to C. Bluffs, say my interest in Lot 15 Block 24— This lot is located in the ad—dition thus

An ink drawing of a lot map indicating location of Lot 15. DOI: 2007
Map of Lot Location, Council Bluffs

and is one of our lots. I know nothing about it except its position on the Map. Write me whether you will trade or not. I think this 1/2 lot will be more than you can get in any other trade

Write soon

I shall probably stay here this winter and have rented our whole building for $20 per month and have agreed to

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build on Addition to the back office, which I shall do this week. It is for a kitchen and is to be 10x11 ft. Shall pay for it out of the rent.

There are many buildings and stores here, vacant and rents are very low. People take any news they can get. I am very lucky in renting our's to a man that will pay and not injure it. Mr Finch & family. Shall I not insure it for double what it has been (600) $1200 and how stands the "Hart—ford Ins. les."

I spend the day at the Capitol now, where I have a good room

Yours Truly

J MConihe