John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries


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Friend John Dear Sir:

Yours of the 27th is received, I hardly think myself it will pay to buy Warrants, as there is little call for them now. Unless you can get some dealer in N.Y. to send them to me to sell on commission & there are such persons who do that, as they have them constantly on hand. I hardly think it will pay you for the trouble to buy them just now as we con—templated. Affairs here are very dull and we anxiously await the Land Sales. No property sel—

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ling, consequently no money in town. There will soon be a good chance to buy Exchange here and there was considerable money made in that way during the Land sales at Sioux City & Des Moines. The Bank of Albany furnished Sam Moffat about a year since with $15,000 of their notes to buy exchange and made money. As there is little freight arriving now and our currency is better since the Bank—failure, I think bank notes would get a good circulation. More about this Our builing is raised 2 ft. and it is a great improvement. It will pay for the outlay. The walk is being built and the rooms are up—side—down—

Yours Truly


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Our mails are very irregular and uncertain in this rainy weather and one or two of them are sunk in some river in town, with the Express and stage Coach. The heavens pour out the rain like a water—spout— daily and mightily.