John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

I wrote you a day or two since in relation to Land Warrants and for fear you might expect too much from the pur—chase of the same I concluded to write again.

Two gentlemen called today for Warrants and I sent them to Sahler, of whom they purchased @ '97 cts. MCormick askes '98 cts. gold. Our currency here is very uncertain and I am afraid that our Banks will close some day sooner or later. But I have to take the notes that pass or nothing.

I have been "dickering" our guns to day for a diamond pin, but through fear that it

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might not come out all right; We did not agree. It is funny bu-siness, the way I am operating just now.

W 22ft of lot 3 Block 136 di—rectly opposite our office sold a few days before I arrived for $900# Cash and a story an 1/2 frame store is nearly finished on it now.

I have written Judge Kinney Prest of Beatrice town Co. about said down. I have little hopes of saving any thing out of it.

The titles to our out—side lots are being investigated at the Land Office now. The pre—emp—tion will probably be broken up but thesewe will be, in that case, just where we were when we purchased in 1856.

There are many developments being daily made here, which go to show how wild men have

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been and the large amount of money lost in wild speculations.

Our Country back of us is being filled and farms dot the prairie between Omaha and Elk—horn[sic].

Remember me to all Yours Truly

John McConihe

P.S. There is going to be money made in buying lands in this Territory next fall at the land sales. It will be a sure thing. Will write more fully at some future day.