John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Palmer Co, and H.C. Nutt Co Coun—cil Bluffs have failed. It is well in three times to hope for something better but I am getting heart—sick. I can buy no gold or Exchange and am afraid the City serip will be discredited. It looks very much like it now and if it is discredited it will be a bad speculation, for I hardly think the City will be able at the end of the year to pay it. What in the devils[sic] name can I do. I will if it comes to the worst loan it on good security land, & wait for better times, when I can get good money. I wish you were here to look after your interests, for I begin to think you will see little or no money for some months. The amount of serip issued is $30,000 and altho the Bankers were paid to look after it, and redeem in current money, still the scamps after receiving pay, refuse to redeem simply because they cant[sic]. I know if you had our money you could

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do well with it and I wish I could close it up. But I will say, that if you get it soon, you may say I am a very lucky man but if you do not get it, you must rest easy with four per cent a month on such securities as can be had. And if it is loaned I will guarantee the securities to be good. If the trip goes down, Omaha will re—ceive a terrible blow and it wil make terrible times. I have nothing but serip and can get nothing. $1000# in gold was sold in town yesterday at 25 premium. I did not know it was here or for sale or I'd had paid that just to have seen so much Gold.

I shall try and come home as soon as matters can be straightened out. Remember me to all and write how things go. Our faces are all turned Eastward

Yours Truly

John McConihe