John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Close upon the failure of the Western Exchange Bank and Fonteinelle[sic] Bk comes the news of the failure of Cook Seargent & Cook (which will probably cause the Bank of Florence to close). Grune Weare & Benton closed doors at C Bluffs yesterday and all Nebraska money is discredited. Platte Valley, Nemaha, Tekama, and Waubeck bank notes are refund in town. The arrival of Capt. West with $20,000 in Gold will probably save the Banks of Nebraska. High old times and everybody looking at the broken notes in their pockets. If it wasnt for the serip we would have to trade jack knives. Reports come up that St. Louis is "going to the devil." All busting. Armstrong and Clark, and Brown of "big B" store have failed Enough for one.

Yours truly

John McConihe