John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Yours of the 9th inst is at hand and in reply I would affirm that I did not intend to "coft sawder or blarney you" in my said letter. I have have no cause or occasion for that and if I did I should study the subject upon whom it was to be used, before I re—sorted to any such means. I should like much to have you explain the reason why you so construe a compliment? And further I will re—iterate that (to change the verbage a little) unless your popular—ity and good judgement sustains you in your position, $1000 or $5000 will not. If you won't acknowledge that I have "nothin to say."

I know you must have had blue times in the Bank, and I could sym—pathise[sic] with you did I not feel the expe—rience you will gain, you in these hard times will more than repay your anxiety.

The blue times have also extended to this place and what with Banks breaking, nobody paying, everybody ow—ing & e, & e, I frequently think that a man

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gets very little credit, but a down many knacks no matter how good his in—tentions unless things come out all right. Yesterday the Western Exchange and Founteinelle[sic] Bank (of Bellevue) closed its doors. Many in the Territory loose[sic] largely by these unexpected failures. The Western Exchange had a circulation of $136,000 at the time of its closing. Eastern failures the cause.

The above has produced a little consternation in financial circles.

Tell Rufus that I received his wedding cards and wish him much joy

Yours truly

John McConihe