John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

Yours of the 24th and 31st Aug with enclosed draft is at hand. I did bring out con—siderable funds with me, which I invested heretofore explained, and in accordance with what I told you when I left Troy, "That I would take no advantage of your absence, and would share and share with you alike." I at the same time, expected you would go halves on such purchases, when funds came in my hands, and in accordance with that idea, I offered you a partici—pation therein, as a mere matter of form. But I will waive all that, and will send you forward funds as fast as I can. Altho I have had joint funds in my safe some 10 days still I have been unable to abtain Easter a currency or N.Y. drafts. The banks since the failure of John Thompson have ceases selling drafts and Nebraska money is all I could get.

That you have "antied up" on call for our enterprize[sic] I admit and I post the money intimations you have given me in

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relation to drawing on you again have not been disregarded by me. It was rules for you to grant and underscore passage from my letters for I knew their contents. They all go to show our thing namely, that I was willing to do by you as well as I could by myself. You of course know that you formerly intend to come here and that I started forward with that understanding that all my actions were goverened by that idea and that ift is very, extreemely[sic], doubtful whether I should ever have left my business in Troy unless I certainly expected you as a companion and partner. But be that as it may. I on my part ask nothing but what is seasonable and did not insist (for I can work and carry it along myself) in any of my letters, that it should be a partnership bargain. I expected it would be, and did not (for how could I?) forsee the contingency which so suddenly draws out your money. "You say" we have always dealt faithfully and honorably together by one another, "" and neither you nor I, I am confident, will ever do otherise." The above remarks is very opportune and to it I say Amen. — I wish you would write me, now that you have given over the idea of coming

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to Omaha, whether it is your intention to withdraw your capital as fast as we can sell and suggest some way by which our partnership will be ended or rounded up, in that case, accord—ing to our understanding. Or you may leave the matters as it is. I only wish your opinion clearly explained in order to know how to act. I have made no money of consequence irrespective of those sales this year, as it has been uncommonly dull. In consequence of the Land not coming in market my calcula—tions have been upset, but the time spent here is not entirely lost and time may soon come when I shall get my pay. I should like much to have a talk with you, as letters do not carry the same idea as con—versations and I am still undetermined as to whether I shall return East this fall or not. The sale of those lots has been the town talk in these hard times and the purchaser of the Farnham St lot offered $400 to be let off. You will keep your eye open for money which will be sent as soon as I can exhange. Will write you again in a day or two.

Yours truly

John McConihe

P.S. Smith wishes me to say that he will be down in Oct. early and arrange the matter with K.V.P. I see my use in protesting it and he wishes it would not be done and he will arrange it satisfatorily in less than a month.