John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

Yours of the 18th has just been received and I am happy to learn that you accepted the Cashr ship of the Central Bank for your own interests. The position will be one that would suit you much better than Western life, as see and enjoyed by myself and you have probably ere this received my letter of congratulation. I have not in a sylable since my arrival in this Territory endeavored to "honey and sugar—coat" Western life and have considered it for better for you to remain in Troy than to come here this year. Everything has been unusually dull and little money has been made by any one. I have had to use my own judgement in our affairs and did so, willingly, knowingly you would sustain me, even at a sacrifice. You enquire, "if I shall consider this a desertion you'r[sic] giving up coming to Omaha." I answer, of course it is as you very well know what our mutual understanding was. But it is just such a desertion as a true soldier

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would make if his fadder was bad, his commander did'nt[sic] pay and the Country was sickly. Such a desertion brings no disgrace and such a desertion throws up all prior claims such as are due or binding upon the individual. Your presence here is not nor has it been indispensable, you could have done nothing, but spend money and cheer me up in my solitude. That you would have cheered me up I very well know but that your judgement (good at all times) would have come often in play I very much doubt. That in the long run we shall come out hunk, I have no doubt, even if we wait two or three years for the sale of our property. To sell now is utterly impossible as the public pulse is very feverish and we are all waiting (I mean myself) to see everything go to the devil. The times have looked equally and there may be a devil of a storm Let his rip. Rage away. I see pleasant days after the storm and shall shore up to stand it. I am not sorry that we embarked in

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Western speculation but feel a little grieved dull times came so soon. I might have allowed us to make a little first. In accordance with our in—structions I shall purchase us more joint property and shall sell what we have as soon as I can after prices over 10 pr.ct. on the outlay. You may rest assured that where there is no loss and it is your desire I will sell even if I make nothing.

It is customary for Cashiers in a bank to strengthen their position but candidly, John, It will be unne—cessay in your case, as your popular—ity will render you strong and daily your strengh will increase until you become immoveable. There may be a better feeling this fall but unless the is you need expect little money now. On the 14th Sept $1600 is due on the Farnham St lot and just as soon as that is settled I will make out a statement of everything and send gain whatever money is over. I see by my book that I acknowledged the receipt of the $100

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draft on the 3d Aug. I shall and have been endeavoring to sell Beatrice stock and have offered for $200# , just about enough to pay expenses with a little over. If you could sell a lot or so in Troy it would be well for you as well for the purchaser. Any of our Omaha property would be a safe investment.

Had I not better come East this fall, if I can so arrange our affairs here and talk it all up. I had expected you out this fall but as you thought it a useless expense I gave up on the idea.

John, you are now settled in a good position one that is agreeable and that will pay. Think of me now and then and thank your stars you were not obliged to come to Omaha. If you think it necessary to strenghten our position I will send you any spare capital I may have, when you wish it, but I know as I said before you will not need it.

I am glad you enjoyed yourself at Fire Island and wish I had been with you. Give my love to all

Yours truly

John McConihe