John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

I arrived here as may have learned from Father on Saturday morning last "just alive." Fiveteen[sic] days from St. Louis was really frightful & used us all up. Five boats have ar—rived here from St. Louis, one the Silver Heels only 8 1/2 days from St. L to this City. I have planted my—self in the brick building that was being erected when we were here last fall, in Marshall Rankins Office. It was a great strike, obtained through Newton. Rankin is not here more than one day in the week, but lives on his farm at Bellevue. It is tacitly un—derstood that I pay no rent, only fur—nish the room. If this be so, all right. Government pay the rest.

I am heartily sorry to announce that our mutal and esteemed friend

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Newton has got a very bad fever and it may result fatally. He certainly has made up his mind to travel & only awaited my arrival before leaving Omaha for — he does not know where. I have tried hard to disuade him, have offered everything to help him along at everything or anything told him (what he knew) that you would do anything for him. But no, he says, he will not go on a claim, it is too hard work, is un—acquainted with business, and a no nack for making money, but can save it when made. He will try to get a position at St. Louis. John has been of great service to us since he has been here and has done everything for me since I arrived. He has the best heart of any man I know of.

This movement of his will

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compell me to relinquish all hope of remaining in the "Nebraska Asso—ciation" of which I have written you. John says he might make $1000# out of it, but it will give him the shakes to go out there and he would not have them for all Nebraska. Our horses I will endeavor to put in a saleable condition as well as the wagon. Our claims at Fremont overflowed and gone up. East Nebraska stock worthless. Bluff property increased 50 per cent. Farnham 15 persent. Other porperty about 50op; Money worth 4 to 5 pr.ct. a month.

Andrews is absent at the East. I loaned $150 at 5 pr.ct. this A.M. on Land Warrant security. Will write you soon again. Let me hear from you. Remember me to the Messrs Town—sends and others.

Your Friend

John Mac

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P.S. One of the most profitable and sure ways of making money is to put up cheap buildings ($600) and rent them. They will pay well and there is little risk. Another good way of making money is to loan at the current rates on good security. There is money to be made here and I shall pitch in. I condole with Martin L and trust he will soon get off his crutches and have his wanted strength.


The Gov. has appointed me Notary Public and I have qualified.