John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries


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Friend John

It is with real feelings of loneliness that I inform you that Newton started on the 6th for St. Louis. He said he had not the nerve to pitch in, that he could do nothing but clerk it, that he could not make any money ex—cept by saving it from a salary and that he Preferred to leave Omaha, now that I had ar—rived. It was entirely unexpec—ted to me, as I had gone into that association of which I wrote you almost solely for his benefit, thinking that if he would go into it and might get you to come to Omaha and attend to things here which Newton and I pitched into the town speculation. But it must

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now be abandoned, as I do not see how it can go on. He owned up there was money in it but said he would not go into the Country, on a claim, again for $5000#. It is too bad, as I liked Newt the more I saw of him. I trust he will do well. There is not much doing here yet. I think you had better send me a darft for about $200# on receipt of this. $200 will do. The Office will cost about $800# when finished, and there are taxes $26.71 and horse feed and expenses, already over $100#. You see you are in, so don't delay. I will be as eco—nomical as I can. My expenses for furniture are also heavy. It blows guns (outside), otherwise pleas—ant.

Your friend

J McConihe