John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
Box: 1
Folder: 2
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Friend John

I write you again just before I start for Beatrice. I do not know as I asked you to send a quit claim deed for Lot 45 in Block 045. I think I did but to make sure I repeat. You might send it in blank as to name since I have mislaid or tore up the paper on which I had the mans [sic] name. Send with—out delay and advise as to what you will do with your half of the $800 as well as the $1000. I am building an addition to our office "For Rent," which will cost about $300#. I shall have some Columbus shares for which I pay $275 and an assessment of $25. If you wish to go in on them (3) you may do so for the same. They sold last winter for $375# and are looked upon as a good thing. Ad Smith had one which he purchased for $275 and has sold it for $300# without assessment. Columbus is the best interior town in the Territory and has a good start. Dont

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take them or rather a part of them unless you feel perfectly willing. They are like all other speculations uncertain, but as we get ten (10) lots (already down) for $300 (thrity dollars each) we cant loose [sic] much. I brought them myself not knowing as to whether you would wish to go in or not. I, of course, give you a half chase if you wish.

I have also purchased 160 acres of good pre—empted land (paid for) within thriteen miles of town for $500#. Land in the immediate vicinity and even farther out is held at from $5 to $10 an acre. the necessary improvements on land to pre—empt, a mans time, expenses of land office and price of land, are estima— [sic] here at about $3 acre. You can have a chance in this also, if you concluded to go in with me further (as I think you said you were willing to go halves on everything loss or gain). But be that as it may, if you are at all "scary" and in doubt, John, you may elect to go on or stop. I would prefer you to keep on for a while and you may

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rest assured that no advantage will be taken of your absence; and if I err and we loose [sic], it will be an error in judge—ment, none of the heart.

I have rented the addition to our office for $15 a month, by the month. That will be $40 that we will get out of our building besides room for ourselves. I am trying hard to make things go and the longer I stay the better I like it. Ad Smith is a good fellow and I and he are "hand and glove."

Thermometer day before yesterday 107°—in Shade!!! Yesterday 98°— last night rain and to day [sic] 93°— Rather warm to drive to Beatrice. I enclose notice of "Beatrice" cut from Nebraska News. I feel somewhat in a quandry about you, as I do not hear a word from you shout the part you intend to act in it. You have not (as yet) signified your wish to go into it and what I have done, has been on my own responsibility. Remember me to all and write when you start.

Yours truly


P.S. Affiairs are brighning [sic] up materially.