John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

I recieved yesterday $900 making $1000 Cash rec'd for 44ft of Lot 5—121. Gave bond for a deed or payment of $1600 with int. @ 4 pr.ct. a mo. payable in 60 days with privelege of paying in 30d.

Send deed immediately acknowledged before Notary. Take the forms marked "Deed" which I think will pass for formassty.

Make it out to William M Jones of Layfe Lafayette, Indiana, Consideration $2600#. Describe "The East West 44 feet of Lot 5 in Block 121 in Omaha City, bounded on the West by 13th St. on the South by Farnham St on the East by Kellogg & McConihe lot and on the North by an Alley as surveyed by and lithographed for the Council Bluff and Nebraska Ferry Company."

Property is "awfully dull" but we look for better times. The above sole is the town talk, the most cash take in by any one[sic], lately.

I am expecting letters from

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you. I enclose letter from your substitute at Beatrice. It will look well to an Eastern man. My letter to the Times about the "Club row" terminated in the individual giving bonds for deeds to the original owners and his position and indeference saved further trouble. My horse is "Lost strayed or stolen" and if found this week I shall go to Beatrice Monday. If not recovered I shall take some other means to get there. Horse—flesh, damn it, I will say nothing.

Don't fail to write and have deed made out in your usual way of doing business, properly. Its[sic] mighty lucky you didn't come "these hard times." I am too nervous to write more and my nerves are stretched all the time. I have not learned to take things as cool as I should. Ask Rufus his opinion of the "dirk Ruife" clause in the enclosed letter. Give my regards to all.

Yours in haste