John McConihe, Correspondence
MS 308
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Friend John

The last note I have had from you was of the 30th May, but as we must write irrespective of answers I write to inform you of things in this section. I think I have (or will) sell the West 44ft. of Lot 5—121 Farnham St. this week. A man wants it at my price $2600 if he can raise the money and he has three days more to to do it in. It will be a good sale and the best in town made this year. A man is also to take 4 in 45 to—morrorow[sic]— @ $800#. This is selling cheaper than I could wish, but it is doing better than anybody else. I can buy cheaper than that, right there or nearer town I think. There is little use between me—and—you (privately) to try to do much else just now with money but speculate in property. Loaning on Nebraska security just now, as a business, I don't fancy as people will pay or not as they pleasd, and the uncertainty of the law and its delay even if we have any law (as I believe I wrote you the last Legislature repealed all the laws) will fast eat up the interest. I have offered our office for sale and shall try

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to sell it. Money is still "on a tight," and people are all laying by to see the crash when it comes, having despaired of seeing the comet. I find I have very little to do, like the rest of the folks, only I manage to keep a little something on hand in the way of outside business. The elections come off the first Mon—day in August and the politicians are getting excited. I am afraid Chapman "won't crow." This time, as Omaha is down on him for not getting the Capitol appropri—ation and that appears to be just enough to lay him out. I think Rankin stands the best chance, but things may change not having as yet taken a decided shape. There will be some fun and the feathers will fly.

The re—appointment of Gov. Izard is an awful "bite" on the Anti-Omaha men, and renders the removal of the Cap-itol "rather more uncertain.

The two papers published here are pitching into each other in the regularly ap—proved style, olla, Tom Carroll and the Mac—Arthur tribe. I have sent you some of the numbers in order to post you up.

The improvements in town, the new Hotel, Court House, Church, Capitol bulding and the grading of Farnmham St.

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are all progressing finely.

Well, John, "last but not least," Gov. Izard, who arrived here on Friday, reports that President Buchanen promised him to pro—claim land in Nebraksa before the 20th July. You have the whole story as reported, except that, it may be true, fom the fact that our Register Parker has been absent at "Wash—ton" over a month, urging the same thing.

If that is so and if we can seize $5 or 10,000 to sell Warants with, to buy drafts on N.Y. and sell Gold or any other little speculation like these we might make a little something. When you make up your mind to come to Omaha, write me the time and the Way. Suit your own conve—nience, and as far as your interests are con—cerned, make up your mind to remain here long enough to satisfy yourself that all is for the best. If you think it will pay you to "throw up" in Troy, no one would be better pleased than yourself myself.

I received a note from Martin L and he declines asking more about the "style of meat" whether "hard enough & e." Tell him to sheer up and face. I trust the new firm will do well and that "All Honorable Claims" will be put in their hands, I mean pockets.

Remember to all & remain Yours & e