Speculating on the Frontier: The John McConihe Correspondence banner

"I begin to imagine that I am an "Omaha." not exactly an Omaha Indian, but a Citizen of Nebraska." —John McConihe to John Kellogg, June 7, 1860

The experiences of John McConihe in the Nebraska Territory provide a fascinating insight into the life of an early pioneer. Not the typically featured homesteader, McConihe came before the hubbub of the Homestead Act of 1862.

Over 100 letters detail the life and business of the young lawyer from Troy, New York. McConihe settled in the growing city of Omaha and wrote to his friend, J. Sterling Morton, and partner, John Kellogg, of speculating schemes and life on the frontier.

McConihe's writing involve fascinating insights into the political, social, and business scene in early Nebraska. Learn what it was like in the new territory through his writings: Go West!