"Coach Says Ross Will Play": The 1913 Protests by Kansas and Kansas State

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"Pepless" Practice Palls

Scrimmage Yesterday with Freshies Devoid of Good Results

Ross To Be In The Line-up

Disappointment Expressed at Small Number of Rooters - Few Co-eds Are Out.

(H. V. Harlan)

Decidedly discouraging was the practice of the varsity football stalwarts yesterday afternoon on Cornhusker Field. The scrimmage that was pulled off was pepless and uninteresting. The men played in a spiritless manner. This was no doubt due to after-effects of the grueling practice that Coach Stiehm put his protégés through Wednesday afternoon at the fair grounds. The boys came in dead tired Wednesday night, jogging to and from the fair grounds, and that, plus long, racking scrimmage, wore all the ginger out of them. Hence, the lack of peppery playing last night is hardly unexpected.

Thirty-Minute Scrimmage

For about thirty minutes yesterday afternoon the varsity was lined up against the first-year men. The only gilt-edge football to be seen was during the first few minutes of play, when the varsity pushed the freshmen back to their goal line and scored a touchdown in three minutes. From then on things went from bad to worse. Coach Stiehm early sent Purdy, Towle, and Thompson to the gymnasium, putting Elwell, Beck, and Irwin in the vacant places.

After the varsity had made another marker, using some good forward passes and end runs, the W.W. also sent Mastin and Howard in, replacing them with Gelwich and Hugg. Bailus and Grosse were also injected in the slow scrape.

Chamberlain and Rasmussen, the freshmen halves, finally perked up and made some long gains through the varsity. Chamberlain ripped off one run of about thirty yards. But the freshies soon succumbed to the general lethargy, allowing the varsity to make a third indifferent touchdown. After a few more half-hearted plays Coach Stiehm banished the whole works to the gym with a parting sarcastic, "You fellows mean well, but you play rotten ball."

But Few Rooter Out.

Another discouraging feature was the small attendance. After the rousing, enthusiastic football rally of yesterday morning a large number of rooters were expected to be on the sidelines. But where four or five hundred and fifty were among those present, only forty (actual count) co-eds were there inasmuch as the scrimmage was staged for their special delectation. Coach Stiehm was disappointed at the smallness of their turnout. Next Thursday and Friday practices are to be open and every student should see to it that last nights miserable showing is not repeated. Pep up and come out.

"Pepless" Practice Palls

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Ross Will Be Played.

The athletic board met Thursday morning and decided unanimously that the written request of the Kansas Aggies that Clinton Ross not be allowed to participate in the Nebraska-Aggie game on the Cornhusker eleven Saturday be ignored. The fact that there was not a dissenting vote shows that the powers that be in Nebraska athletics are firm in their stand against drawing the color line in Missouri Valley games. The sense and stand of the board is expressed in the following set of resolutions which Coach Stiehm submitted:

"First, Whereas, The University of Nebraska does not discriminate against students on account of race or color."

"Second, Whereas, The University of Nebraska athletic board has never barred athletes from intercollegiate competition on the ground of race or color."

"Third, Whereas, Mr. Clinton Ross has creditably represented the University of Nebraska in athletics during the past two years."

"Fourth, Whereas, Mr. Clinton Ross has in the past played versus all conference teams on the present football schedule without protest."

"There, be is Resolved, That Mr. Clinton Ross be permitted to participate in collegiate athletics as a representative of the University of Nebraska."


Author: H. V. Harlan
Title: ""Pepless" Practice Palls"
Periodical: The Daily Nebraskan
pages: Front page and page 3
October 10, 1913