Letter concerning the plaque


Letter concerning the plaque


German, Schiller Linden, WWI, memorials, 1938


A letter from Victor C. Graham to "Miss Craig" discussing the defacement of the Schiller linden tree during his time at UNL.


Victor C. Graham


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Archives


January 25, 1938



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Dear Miss Craig:
You will doubtless recall some brief correspondence that we exchanged several weeks ago and in which you suggested that I might be in a position to contribute to the archives of the University. I told you at that time that I had nothing, but in reviewing correspondence in my more or less subconscious thought since that time I am recalled of an incident involving the war histeria [sic].
You are doubtless familiar with the Schiller linden tree just to the front of the Library, and which was surrounded with a small iron fence. The fence formerly had a cast-iron tablet with a bit of information concerning Schiller and the planting of the tree. One morning during the war, anyone who passed by was surprised to find in place of the small iron tablet a placard containing some ribald statement or two and winding up with the statement that the tablet was interned for the period of the war. At the top of the tree was a small fluttering American flag. The information gradually leaked situation, and little bit of the principal characters, whom I am sure would be only too glad to make restoration if it has not already been made or if properly approached.
Do you know whether or not the plate has been restored to its proper place?
Sincerely yours,
Victor C. Graham Secretary-Treasurer




Victor C. Graham, “Letter concerning the plaque ,” Nebraska U, accessed October 21, 2021, https://unlhistory.unl.edu/items/show/595.

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