"Breaking Ground for Memorial Stadium"


"Breaking Ground for Memorial Stadium"


Speech by John R. Webster


Speech by John R. Webster for the ceremony at the ground breaking of Memorial Stadium on April 26, 1923.


John R. Webster


University of Nebraska-Lincoln Archives, Love Library, Lincoln, Nebraska.


April 26, 1923

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These are some of the main points in the speech.

Physical Education

In the days of old, when a child was cross and irritable, our forefathers thought it the machination of a devil - some think so still - but doctors now diagnose the cause to be a bad stomach or liver...
In fact we are learning that not only bodily health, but mental power, moral character, and even spiritual life are affected by physical vigor.

Life Lessons From the Stadium

Hard Work- The strenuous drilling and practice required to win the victory here, is a reminder that, in the game of live, hard work, self-denial, and tenacity of purpose are absolutely necessary.

Master- Our boys here all realize that every member of the Team must be subject to the Captain. He eats, sleeps, works and fights under his Captain's control. You know that's the only way to make a winning team.


This is the cui bono. This is why we are gathered here today. Is it not worth while? But there is something better and greater. We are breaking ground for a MEMORIAL STADIUM...Recall how our boys "Went over the top" in France, and here and now let every one of you resolve that in the great world of struggles and contests to come you will equal their achievements.


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