Plaque Dedicated to Devaney and Osborne Close-Up


Plaque Dedicated to Devaney and Osborne Close-Up


A close-up picture of the plaque dedicated to coaches Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne outside of Memorial Stadium.

The Plaque Reads:

Nebraska's tradition of great football received new impetus when Bob Devaney arrived in 1968 to become coach. For eleven straight years under his leadership the Cornhuskers enjoyed winning seasons. During this period Devaney became the first coach to win 100 games for the university.
Devaney's successor and former assistant, Tom Osborne, assumed head coaching duties in 1975. Osborne continued the winning pattern, also coaching his teams to eleven victorious seasons in a row. In so doing he became the second coach in Nebraska's history to win more than 100 games.
These two outstanding coaches and teachers of young men have added greatly to Nebraska's famous football tradition. They have also established a unique record: never before in major college football history have two coaches won in excess of 100 games each in 22 consecutive years.
December 2, 1983


Bethany Feis




Bethany Feis, “Plaque Dedicated to Devaney and Osborne Close-Up,” Nebraska U, accessed October 17, 2021,

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