Letter, Samuel Avery to Sarka Hrbkova


Letter, Samuel Avery to Sarka Hrbkova


Language programs
Hrbková, Šárka B 1878-


A letter informing Sarka B. Hrbkova that the Czech Language Program is being discontinued along with Scandinavian and Hebrew at the University, in addition to her termination from the University.


Avery, Samuel, 1865-


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1919, May 13


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May Thirteen 1919

Miss Sarka Hrbkova
228 West Ave., 66 Garvanza
Los Angles, Calif.

My dear Miss Hrbkova:-

At the meeting of the Board of Regents yesterday I was directed to secure information in regard to the actual number of students taking linguistic studies in Scandinavian, Slavonic and Hebrew. The number of these students being very small, the Board directed that introduction in these languages be discontinued. It was understood that such work as might be required in regard to the history, literature and culture of the Scandinavian, Slavonic and Hebrew peoples as would naturally be given in English be given in the departments of history and sociology. And it was further ordered that instructors in the above subjects be dropped from the University’s payrolls and their positions discontinued after September 1st.

It is needless to say that it is personally very painful for me to write to you this letter after our long association and work together. The Board, however, was unanimous in the feeling that the support of these subjects was not sufficient to justify their continuance when they were overhauling the University with the view of making it as efficient and educational an organization as possible.

In closing may I express my personal hope that your health is greatly improved.

With regards and best wishes,

Yours very sincerely,




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