High Hopes of O. A. C. Were Behind Their Team Saturday


High Hopes of O. A. C. Were Behind Their Team Saturday


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The Oregon Agricultural College was behind their team 100%. The newspaper strengthening that feeling with this article. The hard fought Nebraska victory over the Aggies shows just how gigantic of a win it was. Nebraska defeated a team which in the entire coast expected them to lose to. The victory propelled Nebraska to a higher standard across the nation.


High Hopes of O. A. C. Were Behind Their Team Saturday, The Daily Nebraskan


October 26, 1916



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High Hopes of O. A. C. Were Behind Their Team Saturday

To us who stayed at home the game last Saturday was a fight between Tim and Ted and Jimmie and Dobbie and the rest of our boys on the one side, and a name, the Oregon agricultural college, on the other.
We forgot that our team, sent west with the hopes, the best wishes of our school, met a team of boys just as dear to their school, urged on by the same high hopes of the students out there.
Came into The Nebraskan office yesterday the O. A. C. Barometer, from the Aggie school, printed the day before the battle. It contains an editorial that gives us a glimpse of the fight our team was up against when it met the Pacific coast stars. This is what the editorial said:
"Tomorrow we meet Nebraska. It is a team that for three years has been undefeated. It is a team that causes the Middlewest football coaches to wince with unpleasant memories. Yet it has no such effect on us. We are not over-confident nor are we ignorant of the "Cornhuskers'" strength. We are going up to Portland prepared to win- and we are going to win. The first reason why we are going to win is because the coast expects us to win; secondly, we are going to win because we have the old fight and spirit with us this year; lastly, we are going to win to prove to our ex-athletic dictator that although he hung on us by his own individual efforts, the stiffest schedule in our history O. A. C. NEVER QUITS.
"Tomorrow, when danger threatens and the visitors seem to have the edge of the contest, we are going to root like we never did before. We are going to so enthuse our Beavers, that they will be wild men. They will rip such holes in that "Cornhusker" line, that all the "psychic waves" in the world cannot strengthen it. Instead of eleven men fighting tomorrow there will be 2,000, for the students who cannot go to Portland will be backing the team every moment of the game. It will be O. A. C. against Nebraska and who can dare claim anything but a victory!"


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