Grajeda Curriculum Vitae, 1972


Grajeda Curriculum Vitae, 1972


Curriculum Vitae from 1972


This is the Curriculum Vitae of Professor Ralph Grajeda in 1972. Within this document is evidence of Grajeda's involvement with many local and national Chicano organizations.

This is the vita that was submitted to the University at the beginning of Grajeda's employment as an instructor in UNL's English department (click on thumbnail to enlarge image).




Pablo Rangel

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NAME: Ralph Grajeda HOME PHONE: (402) 571-4814

ADDRESS: 7429 Glenvale Drive UNIVERSITY PHONE: (402) 472-3191
Omaha, Nebraske 68130

UNIVERSITY ADDRESS: University of Nebraska
Department of English
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508



1957-60 University of Colorado B.A. English major
Boulder, Colorado Philosophy

1960-92 University of Colorado M.A. English major
Philosophy minor

1969- University of Nebraska Presently working toward completion
Lincoln, Nebraska of Ph.D. by June 1974
Dissertation Subject: Chicano


1962-67 Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
Instructor if English (Composition and Literature)

1967-70 Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska
Instructor of English (Honors English and American Literature)

1970-71 University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska
1972- Instructor of English (Composition and Chicano Literature)

PUBLICATION: With Joe L. Baird. “A Shaw Story and Brooks and Warren,”
College English Association Critic, XXVIII (February, 1966), 1, 3-4.


1954-57 U.S. Army (Special Services)

1966—67 Abstracts of English Studies (contributor)
Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

1970-72 Faculty Advisor
Mexican American Student Association
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

1971 Member—Regents’ Commission, Task Force No. 7. University of Nebraska at Omaha

Responsible for evaluating the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s response to special needs of minority and disadvantaged students; and for making recommendations that would assist the University in attracting these students and better serving their educational needs.

1971-72 Chancellor’s Mexican American Advisory Committed
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

1971-72 Coordinator, Chicano Cultural Awareness Program
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Responsible for coordinating State-wide project involving the establishment of Chicano community centers.
Writing of funding proposals, developing cooperative relationships between Centers and local public schools and development of cultural awareness programs and activities.

1971-72 Ethnic Studies Planning Group
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Committee responsible for planning and establishing the present Ethnic Studies Institute at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

1971-72 Staff member of Title IV Summer Desegregation Institute, (for Public School Teachers and Administrators)
University of Nebraska at Omaha

1972- Consultant-member of Mid-West Region National Education Task Force de La Raza

1972-73 Director, Community Ethnic Theater (Teatro chicano)
Omaha, Nebraska. (Supported in part by National Endowment for the Arts.)

1971-72 Board of Directors, Special Services Program for Minority and Low-income Students.

1973 Consultant—Urban English: A Summer Institute for College English Teachers, University of Michigan, Flint, Michigan.


National Council of Teachers of English
Chicano Teachers of English
American Association of University Professors
National Education Task Force de La Raza


Dr. Erwin Goldstein Dr. Paul Olson
University of Nebraska University of Nebraska
Teachers College English Department
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

Dr. John Robinson, Chairman Dr. Melvin George, Dean
English Department College of Arts and Sciences
University of Nebraska University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 Oldfather Hall
Lincoln, Nebraska

Dr. Roberto Ezquenazi-Mayo Dr. Ralph Vigil
Director, Institute for Director, Ethnic Studies Institute
Latin-American Studies University of Nebraska
University of Nebraska Oldfather Hall
Oldfather Hall Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

Mr. B. Nick Garcia, Chairman Dr. Lee Lemon (Dissertation Director)
Nebraska Mexican American University of Nebraska
Commission English Department
3027 South 48th Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
Lincoln, Nebraska

Senor George G. Aguilera Dr. Salomon Flores
Director, Chicano Awareness Chairman, Mid-West Region National
Center Education Task Force de La Raza
5126 South 26th Street Chicago State University
Omaha, Nebraska Building A, Room 319
9500 at King Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60628




“Grajeda Curriculum Vitae, 1972,” Nebraska U, accessed June 9, 2023,

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