1,000 Students To Give Team Farewell Tuesday


1,000 Students To Give Team Farewell Tuesday


A massive gathering to show school support for team


The school provided a massive gathering and torchlight procession to show the support for the team before they left for Portland. The popularity of Nebraska football was growing, even in its youth.


1,000 Students To Give Team Farewell Tuesday, The Daily Nebraskan


October 16, 1916



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1,000 Students To Give Team Farewell Tuesday
Mass Meeting in Armory at 7:30 As Starter
Torchlight Parade of Cheering Cornhuskers to Escort Team to the Train
To let the football team know that the school they represent is behind them. Nebraska University students will rally in Memorial hall tomorrow night, and in a torchlight procession, escort the team to the railroad station just before the train pulls out for Portland.
The rally will be in charge of a committee of thirty students, it will be short and snappy, but the spirit will be there. Coach Stewart had a glimpse of Nebraska spirit at its worst last Thursday; scores of students have said that he will be shown the spirit at its best tomorrow night.
Clans to Gather
The band will play between the Armory and University at 7:30 tomorrow night, as the signal for the gathering of the clans. At 7:40 one thousand students will go into the Armory, where they will hear a few short speeches. The coach, the captain, possibly an alumnus or faculty member, will tell what must be done to Dr. Stewart's old bunch.
Then the torchlight procession will form on Twelfth street in front of the Armory, march down Twelfth to P. east to Sixteenth, and then west to the railroad station.
The band that is going to oregon, Nebraska University's band, will lead the parade. Then will come a portion of the howling mob of students. The team, in a special chariot of its own, dragged by students, will be next. More howling students will follow. The great ear of corn that symbolizes the University, will be hauled next in line. A number of other features will be introduced for the affair, and Lincoln citizens will be made aware that the University has a team, that is going to Oregon, and that it is going to Oregon to win.
Students' Committee
A committee of thirty students, headed by Homer Hewitt of the Innocents, will direct the students in the parade. Their names follow:
Homer Hewitt
Alfred Bryson
Jack Elliot
Virgil Haggart
Harold Neff
Merrill Reed
Harold Holtz
Henry Campbell
M.L. Poteet
Carl Ganz
Ivan Beede
Carl Brown
Fred Clark
George Grimes
A.L. Harvey
W. Hixenbaugh
B. Musselman
H. Nelson
H. Rush
W. Townsend
L. Tully
J. Wenstrand
Con Helser
Carlisle Jones
Ralph Sturm
M. Townsend
Fred Buerstetta
Carl Olson
Will Urbach
Dwight Thomas


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