Letter, A. Crago to Board of Regents


Letter, A. Crago to Board of Regents


World War, 1914-1918
Luckey, George Washington Andrew, 1855-1933


A.Crago, professor and assistant superintendent at Peru State Normal School, wrote to the Board of Regents commenting on G.W.A. Luckey's loyalty and qualities as an instructor.


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1918, Apr. 23


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April 23, 1918
To the board of Regents,
University of Nebraska,
Lincoln, Nebraska
I have noticed with some surprise and regret, the continued activity of some forces against Dean Luckey of the Graduate School of Education, and take this means of expressing my confidence in him as a loyal citizen and instructor in the University.
I began my work with Dr. Luckey in 1903 and since that time have taken practically all the work he offers. I held a Scholarship in his department in 1911-1912 and took graduate work under him during regular year and summer of 1916-1917, after we had entered the war. My work has thrown me with him, not only in class but in private conference with him in his office and in his home. I fell that I kno [sic] in a measure at least his ideals and purposes. I can truthfully say that I have never known him express in any way, anything but the highest type of loyalty to our country, and the highest ideals of life and of his profession.
Very truly,
A. Crago
A.B. ’05, A.M. ’16 U. of N.


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