"AWS Ponders Keys for Nebraska Coeds" 1965


"AWS Ponders Keys for Nebraska Coeds" 1965


The page for the AWS in the 1965 Cornhusker Yearbook.

The caption and description:

AWS Ponders Keys For Nebraska Coeds

"To investigate the practicality of extended or unlimited hours for campus girls, Associated Women Students conducted a nationwide survey. In the project , AWS wrote to schools in the country using some form of key system.

During Standards Week, sororities conducted discussions on etiquette and morals and heard Dr. Robert Palmer speak on "Sex and the College Girl". Explaining standards for women, AWS Board members toured freshman dorms. Speakers used drawings to entertain while illustrating rules of personal behavior."


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“"AWS Ponders Keys for Nebraska Coeds" 1965,” Nebraska U, accessed September 28, 2021, https://unlhistory.unl.edu/items/show/1224.

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