Coed Follies, 1943


Coed Follies, 1943


This is a page fro the 1943 Cornhusker Yearbook for the AWS Coed Follies.

The description reads:

"Sorry boys, not tonight, I'm going to Coed Follies and that is strictly for women only. I know you'd love to see the super skits presented by Nebraska's coeds, not to mention the style show. It certainly puts a highlight in the school years and offers lots of fun and laughs- and work for the AWS. Competition to win the cup for best skit and curtain act is usually stiff, but the judges try to be fair and everyone is happy sometimes. Well it's just about 7:30, so I'll be going. So long."

The captions for the images read:

(top left) "Tri Delt's excellent revue of 'Rosie the Riveter' or 'Working on the Production Line' was a highlight of the evening and won second place. Here Ann Stevens Hileman is climaxing the skit."

(bottom left) "'Mantlepiece Melodrama,' a little song and dance worked up in a cute way was presented by the Chi Omega's. Of most concern this year was the revolting stage used for the style show."

(bottom right) "Janet Curley, AWS prexy, congratulates Helen Johnson, Delta Gamma on being chosen as Typical Nebraska Coed of 1943. Helen's identity was revealed after she stepped out a pasteboard drum standing besides a pasteboard soldier."


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