Sorority Gals Raise Ruckus to Raise Cash


Sorority Gals Raise Ruckus to Raise Cash


washboard band


A newspaper article on the Tri-Delta sorority's washboard band.


UNL Star


Delta Delta Delta (Fraternal Societies) [Student Life] | Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska--Lincoln Libraries


UNL Star


September 10, 1977


Sandra Mohr





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Like the university of Nebraska Marching band, this group tries to raise Big Red spirit, but their rendition of "There is no place like Nebraska" is slightly different.
With the brisk strumming of washboards and guitars, members of the Delta Delta Delta sorority on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus sing, stomp and strum after each NU home football game.
The "Tri-Delt" washboard band is continuing its six-year tradition of raising a ruckus after home games at the Gas Light Bar.
Girls leave the game early to rush back home, where they don patchwork overalls, paint on freckles, and grab their instruments.
Curtain time is at 4:30 p.m and for the next hour and a half the musical troupe belts out tunes such as "Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah", "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "I've Been Cheated".
Five guitar players provide the musical background, while other band members keep the rhythm with tambourines, maracas, washboards and washtubs. The band added a violinists this year.
Then, when you least expect it, band members will whip out their kazoos for some a cappella humming.
Only four veterans are on the band's roster this year, said Linda Meininger, co-director. The girls practice twice a week
"We've been working real hard to get everything ready," Miss Meininger said.
Miss Meininger, a senior physical education major, directs the band with Ann Bruggeman, a senior in speech pathology. Only a few of the band members were music majors. Miss Meininger said, adding that enthusiasm is one of the main requirements for band members.
Girls in the sorority try out for the band each spring. They're judged on enthusiasm and knowledge of song words and routines.
"It is not based on how good your voice is," Miss Meininger admits. "But when we play at the Gas Light it's really noisy."


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