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Yozo Sakai

Photograph of a young Clarence Forbes.

Pictures from Oregon Trip.jpg
Yearbook page with photographs taken of football players during the trip to Portland, Oregon to play the Oregon Aggies.

The Team.jpg
Group photograph of "The Team" of football players shown in the 1917 Cornhusker yearbook, pg. 129.

A collage of portraits of the Debate team members published in the 1904 Sombrero.

A page from the 1944 yearbook with a tribute to C.S. Boucher.

A page from the 1944 yearbook showing C.S. Boucher seated at a desk in an office.

A page from the 1926 yearbook with the Association of Women Students group portrait and membership list.

A page from the 1922 yearbook showing a portrait of Amanda Heppner.

A letter in the yearbook to the publications board by van Dusen. Transcription:
To the Publication Board
Censure is the usual potion of those who loudly demand a reward for their own labors, however meritorious. Yet it sometimes happens that he…

Members in the Faculty
Resident Members
Seniors, Jumiors, Sophomores, Freshmen

The Classical Journal published a forward written by Clarence G Lowe for a second-year Latin textbook.

This paper talks about Ellen Smith being the first female faculty and how important she was to the Univeristy, its faculty, and its students.

Women's inter-class basketball pennant 1905 class team photo; 1901-1902 won by class of 1905 class champions

Student Council with William Sakayama on the right

Political cartoon of William Jennings Bryan and William Howard Taft standing, each with an arm resting on a short pillar with Lady Justice atop. The side each man has his arm resting on has his record inscribed on it. Taft's lists, Judge, Gov. of…

Political cartoon of William Jennings Bryan standing a top a weather vane with one arm help up. The arms of the vane are marked as "Radicalism," "Conservatism," "Govt Rail Roads," "Free Silver."

William Jennings Bryan looking at Uncle Sam and pointing to his empty hand. Uncle Sam holding paper with the text "Tafts Record" and lists Taft's experience.

Political cartoon of Uncle Sam holding a photo of William Jennings Bryan in his right hand and looking upward. Text above the drawing reads, "Uncle Sam: 'Bryan _ Bryan. The name sounds familiar?'

Political cartoon of William Jennings Bryan running on a wooden treadmill that is powering a saw. The saw blade is halfway through cutting off a portion marked as "Defeat 1908." Two other portions of the log lie on the ground marked as, "Defeat…

Political cartoon of William Jennings Bryan sitting on a bench in at a train station holding a baby marked as "Ryans $20,000." A woman in the background, marked as "Ryan" walks away. Behind the bench Bryan is sitting at is a suitcase marked as…

Political cartoon of William Jennings Bryan standing a chair changing the wording of a sign hanging on the wall. The sign is marked with "I would rather be [strike through] right than [end strike through] President."

Political cartoon of William Jennings Bryan shaking hands with Uncle Sam. Reverse of images includes the following text, "There is no [three illegible words], Mr. Bryan, glad to have you back."

Political cartoon of William Jennings Bryan and Uncle Sam sitting in chairs and facing each other. Bryan holding hands together with worried expression on his face.

Political cartoon of William Jennings Bryan and Samuel Gompers running from a building marked as "Central Federation of Labor." Men in the doorway of the building are throwing vegetables at them. Gompers is carrying a small bag marked as "$15."
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