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Campus Opinion: Teach-in on South Africa. (1966, March 18). The Daily Nebraskan, p. 2.

Campus Opinion: SDS, SNCC Un-American? (1966, March 18). The Daily Nebraskan, p. 2.

Campus Opinion: SDS Denies Basic Goals. …

A photograph of the 1910 Komensky club, a list of members and officers in the club. A brief description of the club history and event of the year.

An article in the Daily Nebraska on protests against apartheid.

A photo in the Daily Nebraskan showing students demonstrating.

1,000 Student Farewell.jpg
The school provided a massive gathering and torchlight procession to show the support for the team before they left for Portland. The popularity of Nebraska football was growing, even in its youth.

The 1902 football season and the outcome of their games that appeared in the student annual, The Sombrero, 1904.

Photos of members of the 1912 Cornhusker staff.
Top left to bottom right: Dana Van Dusen, Harry Coffee, Ralph Sweeley, Mark Hargrave, Rex Davies, Katherine Yates, Ernest Graves, Samuel Cotner, Ruth Munger, Sam Buck.

Harold H. Corey.jpg
A photo of the Nebraska Cornhuskers football captain, Harold H. Corey.

The roster for the 1916 football team that played the Oregon Aggies

E.J. Stewart in 1917 Yearbook.jpg
Yearbook photo of Head Coach E.J. "Doc" Stewart
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