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Ann Miyamoto

A Black and white image of the Comenius Club Officers and Committeemen from the 1907 Cornhusker. At this time the Komensky club went by Comenius which is another version of Jan Amos Komensky's (1592-1670) name. The club is named in honor of this…

Two pages from the 1911 Cornhusker on the Komensky club.

Page 168 from the 1913 Cornhusker with an image of the Komensky club listing the members in the photograph.

The New York News had many interesting comments to make about the appearance of the Nebraska football team, fans, and R.O.T.C. band after the Nebraska-Army game.

yrbk.1943-284 (942x1280).jpg
This is the AWS page of the 1943 Cornhusker yearbook.

The description reads:

"The AWS board makes the rules the coeds live by, creating and revising spasmodically, house regulations, the activity point system. They also carry the judicial end…

This is the page for the Associated Women Students in the 1926 Cornhusker Yearbook.

This is a page from the AWS Handbook of 1968 introducing Dean of Women, Helen A. Snyder. As the Dean of Women, she was the faculty adviser for the AWS. Dean Snyder served as the Dean of Women from 1958-1970.

A page from the 1969 Cornhusker Yearbook for the AWS. It features images of the Ideal Nebraska Coed and Outstanding Collegiate Man, and an image from the Coed Follies that year.

yrbk.1965-205 (954x1280).jpg
The page for the AWS in the 1965 Cornhusker Yearbook.

The caption and description:

AWS Ponders Keys For Nebraska Coeds

"To investigate the practicality of extended or unlimited hours for campus girls, Associated Women Students conducted a…

Speech 1.jpg
Speech by John R. Webster for the ceremony at the ground breaking of Memorial Stadium on April 26, 1923.

Cartoon showing two men at an art exhibit standing on chairs and books and using a magnifying glass to examine a nude painting of a woman on a swing.
Cartoon depicting a drunk student walking among falling buildings, saying, "Wonder if I can get…

This is one of the programs for the annual AWS Coed Follies. In 1966 the theme was "No Men Allowed." This shows the cover of the program, as well as the list of acts and performances for the event.

380206-00049 (1024x538).jpg
This is an article from the Daily Nebraskan from 1952 describing the incident in which 200 male students invaded the all girls event, the AWS Coed Follies.

This document is a sign out sheet for White Hall on of the female residence halls on the Nebraska campus. It also includes a Housemother's Report allowing special permission for one female student to visit her relatives out of town.

Article from the "Daily Nebraskan" over the upcoming Schiller's Day

"The Social Life of High-School Girls: Its Problems and its Opportunities," by Olivia Pound, Assistant Principal, Lincoln High School, Lincoln, Nebraska. Reprinted by The Social Bulletin, XXVIII, No. 1, January, 1920.

This is an issue of a series of weekly calendars created by the AWS to encourage female students to become more active on campus. "The Women" began publication in October of 1940 and only had eleven issues before it was discontinued. "The Women" was…

This is the first of a series of weekly calendars created by the AWS to encourage female students to become more active on campus. "The Women" began publication in October of 1940 and only had eleven issues before it was discontinued. "The Women"…

An article looking back on the iron gates after 90 years.

yrbk.1919-413 (778x1024).jpg
This is the W.S.G.A page of the 1919 Cornhusker Yearbook. The Women Students Government Association (W.S.G.A) was the organization prior to the creation and establishment of the Associated Women Students (AWS). In 1920, the W.S.G.A. became the AWS.

This is the introductory page for the 1966 AWS Coed Follies program. It includes an image of the AWS Board for 1966.

"Welcome to the fourteenth annual Coed Follies! The Associated Women Students of the University of Nebraska hope you enjoy this…

This document explains what the AWS is according the the president of the organization in the 1940s. The document explains that the AWS is organized into three sections, the AWS Board, the AWS Council and the AWS Court.
The document also lists the…
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