1920-1929: A Decade of Change

This exhibit focuses on the 1920s in the University's history.  The '20s were a time of identity crisis for the country and the University. WWI had just ended in 1918 and the United States was recovering and rediscovering themselves.  As for the University, there was no post-war recuperating, but there was plenty of soul-searching as to what type of school the University would be.  With the construction of Memorial Stadium, athletics were becoming just as important as academics.  And much like the U.S. presidents of the 1920s, the administration during the 1920s at the University did not exhibit strong leadership.  Decisions regarding new colleges were plentiful during this era; decisions that would ultimately define the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as what it is today.


Editors: Timothy Brooks and Sara Hinds, History 189H: Memory, Memorials, and History, Fall 2011