Nebraska State Constitution


Nebraska State Constitution


Nebraska's intent to moderate its' state university.


This excerpt comes from the original constitution for the state of Nebraska. Although only mentioned in short, the education sections are important. From the foundation of the state, the government took responsibility for whatever form a university may have taken. Additionally, the state adopted the minimum price of $5 per acres sold from the federally endowed land.


Nebraska state legislature


Original Statutes Nebraska


ST. A.D. Balcombe, Public printer



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First publication of Nebraska Statutes



            SECTION 1. The principal of all funds arising from the sale, or other disposition of lands for other property, granted or entrusted to this State for educational and religious purposes, shall forever be preserved inviolate and undiminished; and the income arising therefrom (sic) shall be faithfully applied to the specific objects of the original grants or appropriations. The legislature shall make such provisions by taxation or otherwise, as, with the income arising form the school trust fund, will secure a thorough and efficient system of common schools throughout the State; but no religious sect or sects, shall ever have any exclusive right to, or control of any part of the school funds of the State.

            SEC. 2. The university lands, school lands, and all other lands which have been acquired by the Territory of Nebraska, or which may hereafter be acquired by all not be aliened or sold for a less sum than five dollars per acre.




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