Memorial Stadium Fundraising Booklet


Memorial Stadium Fundraising Booklet


Fundraising for Memorial Stadium


Booklet printed for fundraisers for the raising of money to pay for the building of Memorial Stadium. Contains pertinent facts of the stadium and of other projects being undertaken at the time throughout the country.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln Archives, Love Library, Lincoln, Nebraska

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Points For Stadium Week

Get to Work Promptly
Try to see all of your people during the first few days. Start with the person who you are certain will give the largest sum. Many of them will be waiting to see what the others are going to do.

Ask for the Signature at Once
Come right out with a pledge card and fountain pen. Explain the payment plan and ask the person to fill the blank out for the payment plan that suits best.

If a Person Makes Too Small of a Pledge
Point to the example of others. Those who on the same resources have pledged much more, or have promised the same amount on smaller income.


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“Memorial Stadium Fundraising Booklet,” Nebraska U, accessed July 19, 2024,

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