Program, Old Iron Gates Dedication


Program, Old Iron Gates Dedication


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A program of the Old Iron Gates Ceremony outlining thanks from the committee and speakers at the event.


Iron Gates Committee


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1955, June 11


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University of Nebraska

June 11, 1955 - 3:00 P.M.


Carillion music - courtesy of Myron Roberts
Presiding - Cornelia Frazier Putney (Mrs. Fred) - Class of 1916

I.Committee appointed, June 1954 by Ellsworth Du Teau, President of the Alumni Association to revive the plan for location of the Old Iron Gates in a place of honor on the campus.

Committee held three meetings and report the assignment is complete as of this date with the exception of the erection of a memorial plaque in a suitable place.

The committee gratefully acknowledges the help of John K. Selleck, James Pittenger, Phil Holman, and the University Administration in the work of placing the gates before Round Up time.

Ralph Mueller, ’98, made a generous gift to offset the cost of the project.

II. Professor Emeritus R. D. Moritz, spoke briefly of the period when the gates were installed and he was a student working to pay for his education.

III. Mrs. Fred Williams, ’00 (Adelloyd Whiting) gave a report on the work of the committee and spoke with feeling about the place the gates held in the affections of the older alumni.

IV. Louis Horne, ’16, told some anecdotes about the fence and gates during his years at the University and formally presented the installed gates to the University Administration.

V. Chancellor Clifford Hardin responded with words of appreciation for the work of the committee and the Alumni Association.

VI. Dr. E. C. Elliott, Class of 1895, and honored commencement speaker for the Class of 1955, was introduced.

VII. Signatures were received, and are attached, of those present who had memories of the old gates in their original positions.

Respectfully submitted by the Committee
Louis Horne
Mrs. Fred Williams
Kate Field
Mrs. Fred Putney, Chairman




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