UNL and the Dry Spell: Student Attitudes Toward Prohibition, 1931-1932

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Editorial Note:The following is a transcription of an article from the Daily Nebraskan student newspaper.

Students Vote Against Prohibition 984 to 86

University of Nebraska students voted against the Prohibition bill in an overwhelming manner...the final count being 86 against the sale of liquor in the state; 19 undecided; and 984 in favor of it.

Of the democrats, 370 voted "no", 26 "yes", and 8 undecided. Only 55 republicans favored the bill, while 612 voted against it, and 11 remained undecided. Five of the Norman Thomas supporters voted "yes" and two voted "no".

The reasons given for the negative vote on prohibition stemmed from the fact that since it had failed once it couldn't possibly work the second time. Almost all seemed to agree that boot-legging will develop if it is passed "as it is only human nature to want that which you can't have."

Others gave such reasons as:

"It is going against democracy to tell people what they may do on such matters."

"It really isn't a problem, so why make one of it?"

"It is impossible to enforce prohibition".



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"Thousands will be out of jobs because of it".

"Prohibition encourages crime".

"A moderate amount of liquor doesn't hurt anyone."

Another popular answer was that it is unfair to the boys in the service to pass this law when they aren't here to voice their opinions.

As to those who voted "yes," their main argument was that "it only corrupts peoples [sic] morals to indulge in intoxicating beverages".

Some said "no one really has to drink, and it only harms the body."

Another said that hew would rather see liquor rationed instead of completely prohibited.

"Although it would be hard at first to make it effective, it would eventually work."

"There is more crime now than during prohibition".

"It only lowers the standards of living."

"Only gives hang-overs."

"It is only a downfall to college youth."

"It works in Iowa, why don't it work here?"

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Author: Staff, The Daily Nebraskan
Title: "Students Vote Against Prohibition 984 to 86"
Periodical: The Daily Nebraskan
1 November 1944