Letter, University Alumni Association Letter to Ruby C. Wilder


Letter, University Alumni Association Letter to Ruby C. Wilder


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A letter from the University Alumni Association to Ruby C. Wilder discussing the Student Union and what it will do for the current undergraduates. Since the University Alumni Association volunteered to furnish the Student Union, this letter is subtly asking for a donation.


Ramsay, Ray, Alumni Association Secretary


RG 52-02-00, Buildings & Grounds Files, Box 21


Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries


1937, Jan. 11


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Miss Ruby C. Wilder
1132 H St.
Lincoln, Nebr.

Dear Miss Wilder:

What is a Student Union Building? I'll bet you don't know. A Union Building is a student center - a center for all student activities, extra-curricular and social; a place undergraduates and call their own; a hub around which a wholesome campus life can revolve; a necessity in any modern educational institution; a dire need at Nebraska.

On October 22, 1936, students at our Alma Mater forgot all about football. And small wonder, for on that day President Roosevelt approved a $180,000 grant for a Student Union, or Activities Building.

For nearly six years NU students looked wistfully at Union Buildings on campuses in neighboring states, turned back to dilapidated "cokeshops" to find social life. During that time, however, petitions were circulated, letters from alumni submitted to the Board of Regents. The Student Union Committee has worked day and night to achieve the dream of the student body.

Now the Regents have accepted the PWA funds and have arranged to match them. The site has been chosen. The architect's plans are nearly perfected. Nebraska's goal is almost at our fingertips.....

But it's only the beginning, folks - ONLY THE BEGINNING!

Construction costs will amount to $400,000. The University of Nebraska alumni have volunteered to supply the furnishings. It's going to take unlimited cooperation from students and alumni if the campus is to have the properly equipped building it deserves.

No wonder the proposed Student Center has created such excitement - look at what it will offer:

Main lounge
Faculty lounge
Fountain service room
Alumni office
Women's lounge
Student activity rooms
Main ballroom
Private dining rooms
Library, reading rooms
Second floor lounge
Main dining room
Publications offices (Remember U Hall?)

Doesn't it make you wish you were an undergraduate?


Ray Ramsay, Secretary


University Alumni Association Letter to Ruby C. Wilder


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