Portland Trip Recap


Portland Trip Recap


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The 1916 Nebraska Cornhuskers traveled to the Northwest Pacific to play the Oregon Agricultural College Aggies and prevailed 17-7.


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Another thing which made the football season of 1916 unique in Nebraska annals was the trip to Porland, Oregon, to meet the Oregon Agricultural College. This is the first, and from the light of later developments, probably the last, long trip to be made by a Nebraska football team. The two thousand miles were covered in a special train over the Union Pacific, carrying besides the team, the coaching staff, and the band, a special car of Nebraska business men and alumni. There were, too, tucked away in odd cornders, several loyal students who were willing to risk the wrath of train officials and desert-town marshals for the ultimate pleasure of seeing Nebraska play in historic Multnomah field against a strong coast team.
All along the way stops were made; the band paraded the streets; the team practiced down the main avenue, and alumni came out to shake hands with the younger generation. In Portland, Seattle and Spokane the chambers of commerce, in co-operation with the local alumni associations, greeted the special train with parades. Nebraska was coming to the coast with a mighty reputation behind her, and, outdoing herself to live up to that reputation, she sent joy to those alumni who had migrated to the coast and the students waiting back home by winning a brilliant victory from the Oregon "Aggies", 17-7.
The trip proved, however, to be undoing of the 1916 eleven. Returning from Portland like the victorious legions of Rome, resolved to spend a month in triumphant celebration, the team was good, but it lacked Chamberlin and Rutherford and Abbott. The old stars were gone, but the old reputation did not go with them. A deplorable showing against Wesleyan and a close brush with Ames, when only the sturdy toe of Captain Corey saved Nebraska from a scoreless tie, failed to arouse the team or the over-confident student body, which had settled back to watch Nebraska plow through another season without defeat.


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